About Jayce

At year 2004 inspired by Robert Kiyosaki the author of Rich Dad & Poor Dad , I decided to end my own solo-preneur business as a Computer Hardware Solution Provider, and start my real estate business.

In the year 2018

I joined Propnex Malaysia, a Singapore well-known largest real estate agency brand, and started off a new journey in this industries. Sharpened my saw by attending company training program, within 1 year, I have achieved our company team leader.

Speaking event

Propnex is a company that embrace sharing and adding value culture. It's an honor to have the opportunity to share about the requirements for a foreigner to invest in Malaysia property, and the procedure to acquire a long term social visa.

Personal Life

I'm born in the year 1979, married with 2 children. They are the pillars of my life. I have completed twice full marathon events, not that I like to run, just want to remind myself the importance of persistence.

Yearly convention

The first time attend 7000 agents convention in Singapore, that trophy the I holding is from my team leader, I'm posting it here to remind myself to achieve it for myself.

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